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Are you interested in installing shutters into your home? Here at Highclere Shutters, we have years of experience designing, supplying and installing a large variety of shutters in Ruislip. Whatever your requirements may be, we are sure that we can provide you with perfect long lasting shutters that you will love. 


Every member of our team is truly passionate about enhancing your home with our stylish shutters in Ruislip. We have transformed many rooms giving them a new lease of life and it is always our priority is to ensure that all of our customers are thrilled with their shutters for years to come. Along with their visual benefits, they also have many practical benefits including sound and draught proofing, low maintenance, privacy and light control. Opting for shutters over curtains is overall a much better choice. 


Our wide range of shutters in Ruislip includes cafe, tracked, shaped and full heights. Each of these styles has its pros and cons and many factors come into play when we are recommending the perfect shutters for you. For example, if you live in an urban area and are wanting more privacy then cafe shutters may be best. They only cover the bottom half of your window and they, therefore, still let in a large amount of light whilst providing you with the added privacy you require. These shutters are more of a decorative feature and are also a more cost-effective option to full window shutters. If you have tall windows and are looking to cover them completely then our full height shutters would be better for you. They are made up of panels that cover the entire window and they provide complete privacy and incredible noise control. You can also control the amount of light they let in and they are probably the most common type of shutters in Ruislip that we provide. 


At Highclere Shutters, our solid wood shutters in Ruislip are available in a wide variety of painted and stained colours. With over 21 painted and 13 stained to choose from we truly believe that there is something for everyone. If you specifically want your shutters to match another colour in your property then we can also provide you with a custom match. To do this all we need is a paint reference number or a colour sample and we’ll do the rest. We understand that when you’re investing in something that will be a big statement in your room it has to be perfect and we will ensure this is so. 

We know that not everyone will know which type of shutter they would like and a member of our team will gladly advise you further. You can either call us on 07392 487022 and discuss any queries you have over the phone or we can organise a convenient time for a member of our team to visit your property and discuss everything with you further then. Alternatively, you can email us directly with your query at We look forward to providing you with some perfect shutters in Ruislip.

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