Are you interested in getting top-quality shutters in Ruislip?

Would you like to give your home a chic look, whilst remaining classical? Here at Highclere Shutters, we offer you the chance to have a bespoke set of shutters made, in order to work in harmony with each individual window’s architecture. If you would like to get in touch with us for any reason, we have all of our contact details down below.

Highclere Shutters is committed to twinning professional workmanship with a personal touch. Nigel, having over ten years of craftsmanship experience, is well versed in the installations of top-quality shutters in Ruislip, and will ensure that the fitting and measuring is done properly. We take pride in our work, and want it to stand the test of time - to this end, we provide three years warranty for the shutters themselves, as well as one year warranty for the hardware. To ensure that communications run as smooth as possible, Rachel has taken over as Marketing and Communications Manager - ten years worth of experience developing and implementing corporate strategy has allowed her to build up a wealth of knowledge.

In the 21st Century, environmental care is of the utmost importance, and we here at Highclere Shutters take this very seriously. We only use sustainable and managed sources or hardwoods for our shutters, and do not use any products which originate from tropical or sub-tropical rainforests. When it comes to the styles that our top-quality shutters in Ruislip come in, there is a richness of choices. No matter if you are looking for tracked shutters to serve as a room divider, or would like tier-on-tier shutters to give an elegant look for your kitchen, Highclere Shutters can provide that for you. To browse through all available options, alongside the colour palettes that we have on offer, please click here

Whether you are in need of top-quality shutters in Ruislip or the surrounding area, or are just wanting to discuss some of the options through with us, Highclere Shutters want to hear from you. Rachel will be happy to help you in any way she can - you can reach her by telephone on 07392 487022, or initiate a dialogue by e-mail at . If there are any general points that you would like to go through with us, feel free to fill out the enquiry form on our website, and we will ensure that you are repsonded to in a timely fashion. When it comes to top-quality shutters, nobody knows them better than Highclere Shutters.

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