Cafe Style Shutters

Are you looking for some cafe style shutters for your home? If the answer to that question is yes, the Highclere Shutters website is the place you need to be. We are an established company, based in the heart of the country, that has a wide array of different shutters available for you to purchase. We have over 21 paints available, as well as 13 stained colours - so we guarantee to have something that you will like. If you would like to find out any more information regarding our work, make sure you contact a member of our exceptional customer service team today.


Cafe style shutters are considered one of the most stylish variants we have available, as they are often picked for their decorative characteristics rather than their practical usage. They are designed to cover the bottom half of the window, which is great for privacy as people are no longer able to look in - making the product especially popular in urban surroundings. They also let in more light than traditional shutters, which can be a benefit for some, but a negative for others.


Here at Highclere Shutters, as a family run business, we have always made sure to focus heavily on customer advocacy, where we aim to leave every client 100% satisfied with our work. In order to guarantee a great result, we will visit your home and host a discussion to find out your specific ideas so that we can design a plan that meets your exact specifications. A member of our team will then revisit and install the shutters once they have been manufactured, ensuring that they fit and operate smoothly.


As well as being incredibly beautiful to look at, our shutters bring a number of different benefits including: improved ventilation and light control, increased privacy, low maintenance, help to minimise draughts and improved insulation. You can also rest assured that none of our products come from tropical or subtropical rainforests, as we only use hardwoods from sustainable and managed sources.


If you would like some cafe style shutters, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team today. We are available to call on 07392 487022, where we can answer any questions, as well as address any concerns that you currently have about our services. Alternatively, we are also available to email at, where we aim to reply within a single working day.

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